Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This blog has been far from impressive and I have been neglectful through many seasons. Thoughts and events have gone untold many of them never to be remembered or discussed again. Regardless of this, it has been five years. Seventy-two posts in five years, stories of adventures and memories made, but mostly just the outpouring of my heart in relation to the Lord. It's not a lot but I am thankful for what it has been.
Reading through old posts about idolatry and struggle, I am thankful. The Lord has healed and brought me out of many dark places by his strong and glorious hand. I have new struggles now and my heart still longs to make gods out of perishing things but the Lord has been victorious and will continue to be. Seventy-two posts that remind me that my God is faithful, he moves and is name is great to be praised. This blog has been far from impressive but it has shown me glimpses of the consuming impressiveness of my Father. That's pretty valuable.