Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i desire relationships. i want people in my life that will ask me about my soul. i feel like my heart is aching for people who will look me in the face and ask me what i am doing. people who will call out my sin, speak to me the truth of the gospel, and then hold me accountable. i know that in order to have these relationships i need to be real, honest with people, let my friends see what trash i am without fearing that they will turn away. i don't want to be impressive, i want to be holy. i know that the Lord is sanctifying me, but i want more of it.
i see so much of my sin through some of my friendships. people who are gracious and let me be difficult and manipulative. i see the gospel through the way they treat me. through their patience and love i see myself clearly. i am thankful that i have people who love me despite my deep sin, but i crave that they would not let me sit here in my unrighteousness.

i pray that i would know how to lead others to holiness as well.
i pray that you would transform my heart to purge the things that cause me to sin. the things that make the race hard to run.
i pray that my friendships would not be in vain. that i would not have good friends just for the sake of being friends. may our relationships lead us to repent and glory in Christ.
i pray for my friendships with jody, meaghan, mal, leigh, and janis.
i pray that this would be important in my friendship with faith.
i pray that i would not wait for others to call out my sin, but that i would be constantly praying, repenting, getting rid of things from my life, and creating ways to be accountable to those things.
i pray that i would enjoy you Lord.