Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the plaid dress

Strong sun, that bleach
The curtains of my room, can you not render
Colourless this dress I wear?-
This violent plaid
Of purple angers and red shames; the yellow stripe
Of thin but valid treacheries; the flashy green of kind deeds done
Through indolence high judgments given here in haste;
The recurring checker of the serious breach of taste?

No more uncoloured than unmade,
I fear, can be this garment that I may not doff;
Confession does not strip it off,
To send me homeward eased and bare;

All through the formal, unoffending evening, under the clean
Bright hair,
Lining the subtle is not seen,
But it is there.

Monday, October 29, 2007

i'll probably write about it.

i spent part of saturday night with two of my favorite people.

leigh wroble--we are just starting to be friends and it's fun. hanging out with leigh is refreshing. i like her a lot.

meaghan agnew--i feel like meagh's and i understand each other in a way that doesn't really make sense to me a lot of the time. i get asked frequently why meaghan and i are so close and, to be honest, i really don't know. but i love her and at ohio state, she is my comfort.

intentionally bypassing the osu game leigh and i drove around with meaghan for almost thirty minutes trying to find a parking spot. it was beautiful.


meaghan's frustration.

donuts from starbucks.

being helpless.


donuts from starbucks.

new friends.

being away from everything except these two girls. in which there is life, beauty, and joy. i am grateful that i got to sit shotgun in the mina and experience this moment unfold.
i remember turning to meaghan as she said something like, "thisss suckkkss. i just want to park!"
and in response, "no meagh, it's great, i love it, i'll probably write about it."